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There is no better way to enjoy a birthday in New York City than on your own private yacht. From childhood to adulthood, everyone loves the fun, relaxation, and privacy that comes from celebrating your birthday on the water, surrounded by friends and family and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

At Freedom Cruises, we know how enjoyable a birthday party boat cruise can be. Our boat, the “Pink Lady,” has hosted countless birthday parties and customized cruises, and we want to be the host of your next luxury birthday party experience.

Why Schedule a Birthday Party Cruise with Freedom Cruises?

Freedom Cruises is the ultimate birthday party experience. Great for both locals and tourists and with the ability to fit 50 to 100 guests, when you celebrate your birthday on one of our luxury cruises, you and your guests will be treated to an unforgettable experience. You leave Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn, coast around NYC with the Statue of Liberty and the bright New York skyline in the distance, and then return to this safe and enjoyable dock after a great night out. We also have other departure options in New York City and New Jersey available for a docking fee.
We offer customizable solutions to make your birthday even more memorable, including:

  • Catering – From partial menu to full menu, we can cater to your entire party and ensure you’re fed with some of the most delicious meals any NYC party cruise can offer.
  • Bar – We have full bar options, partial bar options, or soda options for children’s and dry birthday parties, as well as premium top-shelf liquor options for those that want to treat their guests.
  • DJs – We have a talented DJ at the ready, as well as DJ tools if you want to invite your own.

We can also customize the design of your NYC and Brooklyn private birthday cruise, and we can work with your own party planning ideas to ensure that your private birthday cruise rental is the best experience it can possibly be. Contact us to book your birthday cruise.

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Sweet 16
Birthday Party
Church / School outing
Reunion /anniversery
Graduations, Proms
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Coney Island
New York Harbor
Statue of Liberty 

Jamaica Bay

Gateway National Park

Brooklyn Bridge
Norton's Point Light House
Sheepshead Bay

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