New York City Burial at Sea – Respectfully Send Your Loved One Away

Being buried at sea is an honor that many loved ones choose for their ashes. But before you can bury someone at sea, you want to send them off in style, and you want to make sure the entire ceremony is completed in a private, respectful way.

Send off your loved one the way they deserve in one of our private cruises. Book a cruise that will sail around the island of New York surrounded by your friend and family, so that you are able to bury your loved one the way they deserve to be buried.

Private Burial Cruises at Freedom Cruises

Freedom Cruises offers private, respectful New York City burial services for as many as 50 to 100 guests. We leave from Sheepshead Bay port in Brooklyn (with other ports available as needed for a fee) and sail around Manhattan – or anywhere you’d like to travel – in our Pink Lady private yacht.

We can provide food, beverages, and chairs upon request and are available most days of the week for your private send off. We are an affordable and respectful Brooklyn private cruise company, and if you have lost someone close to you and know that they deserve a burial at sea, contact us today or fill out the form and schedule your private NYC boat charter.

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Types of Cruises:

Sweet 16
Birthday Party
Church / School outing
Reunion /anniversery
Graduations, Proms
and anything in between

Where we cruise:

Coney Island
New York Harbor
Statue of Liberty 

Jamaica Bay

Gateway National Park

Brooklyn Bridge
Norton's Point Light House
Sheepshead Bay

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For Private Charter Cruises:

(646) 413-1643


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