NYC Graduation Cruises

Graduation is an important milestone in a young person’s life. Whether they’re graduating from high school, college, or graduate school, these are once in a lifetime milestones that deserve to be celebrated as you or your child get closer to adulthood.

Celebrate your graduation in style aboard the “Pink Lady” – a private yacht that will take up to 100 people on the waters around New York City, providing a celebration that will never be forgotten. Our New York City Graduation Cruises are great for both locals and visitors, combining:

  • Quality Service
  • Beautiful Views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the rest of NYC
  • Privacy and Excitement

We have optional DJs, catering, and beverages for those that want them, and both a dance floor and customization options to make sure your graduation cruise is as enjoyable as possible. Based in Brooklyn and with no docking fees, all of our graduations cruises are scheduled to leave Sheepshead Bay, but we can also move to a different port for a small fee.

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Great for high school graduations and college graduations alike, your private NYC graduation cruise can be a big party or a gathering of friends and family, and no matter what everyone will have a great time. Book a private cruise as your graduation party venue today. Contact us today, or fill out the form on the right to schedule your graduation appointment.

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Types of Cruises:

Sweet 16
Birthday Party
Church / School outing
Reunion /anniversery
Graduations, Proms
and anything in between

Where we cruise:

Coney Island
New York Harbor
Statue of Liberty 

Jamaica Bay

Gateway National Park

Brooklyn Bridge
Norton's Point Light House
Sheepshead Bay

Contact Us:

For Private Charter Cruises:

(646) 413-1643


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