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How Do We Begin?

How much does it cost to charter the boat?

All inclusive price?

How do I reserve and secure a date?

How much per person, approximately?

How long do the charters last?

Where does the ship go?

What number should I call for information?

How far in advance should I make reservations?

What kind of food is served?

Can I bring my own caterer?

Can I bring my own alcohol (BYOB)?

Do you have DJ entertainment, flowers, tour guide, etc?

Is parking available at the ship?

How early should I arrive for my cruise?

Do you sail in foul weather?

Will I get seasick?

What is your smoking policy?

Public Cruises

Available Memorial Day through Labor Day join us for one of our New York Harbor Tours. Departing every Saturday and Sunday our 3 hour guided tour sails from Brooklyn to the Statue of Libert and New York Harbor.

Advanced purchase highly recommended:

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Contact Us:

For Private Charter Cruise Quote:

(646) 413-1643


Types of Cruises:

Sweet 16
Birthday Party
Church / School outing
Reunion /anniversery
Graduations, Proms
and anything in between

Where we cruise:

Coney Island
New York Harbor
Statue of Liberty 

Jamaica Bay

Gateway National Park

Brooklyn Bridge
Norton's Point Light House
Sheepshead Bay

Contact Us:

For Private Charter Cruises:

(646) 413-1643


Online Quote Request

Public Cruise Reservations:


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