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One of the keys to running a successful fundraiser is to make sure the venue and setting is desirable to potential donors. With a private fundraiser cruise around New York City, you can host a fundraiser for as many as 100 guests and make sure that your fundraiser seems desirable to all potential contributors.

Turn a Private Cruise Into a Great Fundraiser

Book your own private New York City cruises with Freedom Cruises, aboard the “Pink Lady” yacht. Freedom Cruises is an affordable private venue that leaves from Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn and sails around New York City, allowing you to tour the waters around Manhattan, Brooklyn, and more as you host a party or gathering for all sorts of guests.

It also makes an excellent fundraising venue because of its combination of low pricing and memorable experience.

  • Tickets to Your Fundraiser Cruise – You can use our cruise as its own fundraiser, selling tickets aboard the cruise and hosting a party for those that have donated.
  • Attracting Donors to a Cruise – You can also use a cruise to woo potential donors, or as a location for experiences like private auctions and other fundraising strategies.
  • Cruises as Rewards – Cruises also make great rewards for your best donors. Our cruise is very affordable on a per-person basis, allowing you to invite many of your best donors aboard for a great experience.

Our New York City fundraiser venue is a great way to treat local, national, and international guests to a great, memorable experience at a price that will not hurt your budget. It comes with a variety of customization options, and can sail to many different locations depending on your needs. Though we are a Brooklyn private cruise line and traditionally sail out from Sheepshead Bay, we can also move to a different port in New York City or New Jersey for a small fee.

Contact us today to find out more about our New York City fundraiser cruises, or use the form on the right to book your cruise online, today.

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