Private Cruises for New York City Holiday Parties

When you want to celebrate the holidays in a fun and enjoyable location, it’s important to make sure that you’re choosing a venue in New York City that is going to add to the celebration and provide you with the memories you hoped for. At Freedom Cruises, we have the perfect venue for your needs. Our boat, the Pink Lady, can host anywhere from 5 to 100 people, and makes an excellent venue for any type of holiday celebration.

Holidays Aboard the Pink Lady with Freedom Cruises

Freedom Cruises has everything you need to throw a great holiday party. It has drink options, DJ options, and even a catering menu for those that want one, and the boat itself can be customized depending on the type of holiday. There are so many holidays that would be very enjoyable on your own private cruise, including celebrations such as:

  • New Year’s Eve – Our cruise lines can go right near the water and provide you with a great view of fireworks or nightlife. Your own private New Year’s Eve cruise in New York City also means that you can party all night in true style and privacy.
  • July 4th – Celebrate Independence day the same way. Enjoy the freedom of knowing that you can celebrate the holiday on open water and without having to push your way into a bar or crowded area. Great for small and large groups!
  • All Other Holidays – No matter your religion or celebrations, book them on our private New York City cruise and make it a time to remember. Great for corporate holiday parties as well!

Our private cruises are the ultimate New York City holiday party venue. Leave Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, travel all around the waters of Manhattan and Staten Island, and enjoy the views that only the New York City coastline has to offer. We can also move to another port in New York City or New Jersey for a small fee to cover the port costs. Contact us today to learn more about our NYC holiday party venue, or to start booking your appointments before they fill up.

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