Book a Private Excursion for Church Functions

While the church makes an outstanding venue for most church functions, there are times when it’s nice to allow your congregation to experience something a bit new and different, especially if you’re hosting a trip that would benefit from privacy, room, or some type of celebration that might be disrespectful in the church.

Host your church functions on their own private cruise around New York – a gentle, fun environment that your congregation will enjoy.

Benefits of a Cruise as a Church Venue

There are times when celebrations, gatherings, and other church outings are going to be more exciting, enjoyable, or appropriate outside of the church. Hosting your church outing on the waters around New York City is a great alternate venue, and a place that often costs less than other venue options. A private NYC cruise represents a great potential meeting spot for events like:

  • Holiday Gatherings
  • Fundraisers
  • Weddings and Funerals

When you need to meet with church leaders or host visitors to your church for the first time, you can do that easily aboard one of our private church cruises and make sure that your gathering space is comfortable, memorable, and special for everyone involved.

With room to fit as many as 100 people and a price that is far below the normal costs of NYC venues, Freedom Cruises is able to offer a private yacht that will go above and beyond for your church group, synagogue, mosque, and other religious event needs.

Plan Your Departure Today

We depart and return to Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, but can move to a different port in New York City or New Jersey for a nominal fee. Contact us today to start planning your next church cruise, or contact us via the form on the right to start booking your appointment.

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